False Starts with Fusion 360

Over time, I’m sure most of these status updates will become less and less verbose and more single line statements, so enjoy the long form writing while it lasts.

Today’s update: I made it about 1 step into playing with Fusion 360 to realize that I needed to watch some tutorials and practice a bit. Paul McWhorter’s Learn Fusion 360 or Die Trying proved to be a good introduction that covered the basics of the tool and provided some insight into a workflow and parametric design.

He didn’t cover components or anything though, so I supplemented with watching some tutorials about designing snap fit cases and other component mounts, which match pretty closely to my use case of design a box and putting things in it.

I’m hoping to start a practice run in the next few days. Realistically, I just need to do the boring work of actually measuring all the dimensions of everything and putting it on paper to model.

Between some work obligations and family time, I snuck in a few more updates to the page to move it forward. Eventually I’ll have it in a good enough place to start making the pages public.

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